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We were very happy to have the opportunity to build this timber frame, luckily we completed it during the summer 2023.  With the pre-insulated timber frame panels having 140mm solid insulation this house will stay extremely warm and energy efficient during the winter.

An opportunity to showcase the benefit of timber frame; this site was measured on 9/12/2022 for our designer to make his final approval drawings.  We received the production drawings on 4/1/2023 for the ground floor and 11/1/2023 for the first floor panels.    Delivery of the timber frame kit including the trusses were made between 16/01/2023 and 20/01/2023.  This picture was taken on 23/02/2023.  This  build has achieved so much in 28 working days and shows that onsite build times are cut dramatically using pre manufactured timber frame panels.

This timber frame kit was designed, manufactured and installed by us November 2022.  The timber frame panels were pre-insulated with Actis Hybris.  As of January 2024, we are currently working on another plot in the same development and will post an update when completed.

An exciting development in the heart of Powys, we were so proud of what we had created as a team.  The clients were extremely happy with their new home.

Again, build in Powys, this consisted of four executive homes for a local developer.  A very satisfying project and the finished homes are beautiful

This time a wonderful development of 28 plots in Staffordshire.   It's been nice to go back and see the final builds now they've all been sold.

In Shropshire, we were lucky enough to be able to provide and erect the timber frame on this amazing self-build.  

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