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Timber Frame and Sustainability

Timber Frame construction has been around for centuries in the UK. Visit some Britains most popular historical attractions, and you will see fantastic architecture that has survived for 100's of years. The modern version of this is timber frame panel construction.

So how is Timber Frame better for the environment?

  • The timber used in timber frame construction is sourced from sustainable forests, new trees are planted at a higher rate than those harvested.

  • Timber Frame has the lowest c02 value than any other commercially available construction material.

  • Less wastage occurs as the panels are carefully planned and manufactured in the factory.

  • Less travel is needed to get the materials to site, as everything needed is packed onto the lorry.

  • Wood has far better insulation properties than brick and concrete. This reduces future fuel costs and greenhouse gases.

  • Greener technology such as new heating methods, are more viable with timber frame construction due to being made off-site and the flexibility of the core material.

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