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House Extensions & Timber Frame

With the rising cost of moving and living, many people have chosen to extend their current homes rather than move for the gain of that extra bedroom or home office space.

The internet is filled with statistics and well informed advice, mortgage lenders in particular are keen to share the findings of their customer surveys on what homeowners want from an extension. (see our Twitter page for relevant articles).

In the UK the simple fact is that we don't live outdoors like our European and International peers, the pandemic has encouraged home entertaining and working from home, which demand dedicated space. In nearly every case increasing your floor space equates to profit, which is why when you look at newer houses they have significantly smaller gardens than they did pre1950's and are more open plan inside.

Once you have decided to extend and have your architect engaged, the next challenge is how to get this project done as timely and on budget as possible.

  • You need to consider your permitted development rights, in short, how big can we build it? If you are building bigger than is currently allowed, then you'll need to allow time for planning permission to come through.

  • The neighbours and how much disruption this may cause them.

  • Is there ample parking for trades and space to store building materials?

  • Access to the development site.

  • Waste (skips) and the mess.

Where considering Timber Frame construction can really pay off is how it takes the associated stress of most of these points away.

Timber Frame is;

  • Manufactured away from the site, meaning no materials or waste from the main structure is left on your property.

  • If your architect needs to make changes for you last minute, its not as costly or too disruptive to the manufacturing process because there are no brick walls to knock down etc.

  • Because we offer a bespoke design to construction package, the chances of changes at the manufacturing stage are relatively small anyway. The latest design technology that our design associates use prevents any miscalculations in the structural design elements, and gives us accurate knowledge of all the necessary inspection data such as U values.

  • Delivery is guaranteed on time. This is especially relevant with tight schedules as the on-site team are kept productive and there are no delays, and other trades are not held-up. We also have project managers to make sure that all elements of the build run as seamlessly as possible.

  • Disruption is kept to a minimum, less noise and dust on site, and projects with difficult access are planned and managed.

We have yet to find a project that we couldn't find a solution to construct on!

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